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Succulent Accents

If you're looking for a simple way to add a creative twist to your standard floral arrangement look no further! Just insert everyone's favorite mini house plant, a succulent, and ta da you have a vibrant and unique floral confection! We are obsessed with adding pockets of hearty succulents to our otherwise soft and sumptuous arrangements and we can't stop gloating over the beautiful combination of the rich and durable succulent plant when coupled with a delicate rose or hydrangea bloom.

To achieve this look all you need are a few bamboo sticks and your favorite succulent variety. First, remove the succulent plant from it's pot and clean away all of the dirt and roots. Gently poke the base of the succulent with the point of the bamboo stick and nestle the opposite end of the stick into your arrangement for a pop of delicious green that is sure to impress.

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