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Artisanal Candles by Oldvine Florals

This Spring Oldvine Florals launched their signature candle line with two distinct scents coined B. LA... and I. LA... in conjunction with their store launch at 132 W. 7th Street in the Historic District of Downtown Los Angeles.

Oldvine Florals Candle

The idea to add candles to the menu came from the belief that like flowers, candles instantly add warmth to any room while filling the air with an intoxicating fragrance. The aromas that whiff from I. LA... have hints of wood and amber with notes of bergamot, ginger & vetiver creating a distinctly full bodied scent. While B. LA... is seductively aromatic with intoxicating notes of vanilla and lychee.

Oldvine, Oldvine Florals, I... LA, B... LA

Visit Oldvine Florals Monday-Friday from 9a-5p and Saturday 10a-4p and take home your very own signature candle hand poured into an 8 oz. jar for just $28.00 each.

photography by Tayvia Sloan and Gerald Korbin

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