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Father's Day at Oldvine Florals

As Father's Day approaches Oldvine Florals celebrates all of the deserving fathers and father figures. We know that the role of a father comes with a lot of responsibility. Not only are you a provider and protector, but you are also a stabilizer and strength source for so many. And that is why we set this day aside, to honor the amazing men that do it all.

Some fathers educate through experience while others help us grow through adventurous risk taking but, all should be celebrated with a special arrangement from Oldvine Florals. Did you know that white and red roses are considered the official flower of Father's Day? Men often prefer flowers that make a bold statement, convey masculinity, and are long lasting like fathers are.

We can all agree that men appreciate flowers just as much as women do, so show the father in your life how much you care when you pre-order a bouquet from Oldvine Florals. We will deliver to the door step or office of your man of the hour when you call us at 213-212-4760 or visit


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