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Introducing the Oldvine Florals Indoor and Houseplant Collection

Oldvine Florals introduces their Indoor and Houseplant Collection of live air-purifying plants for the home, just in time for Mother’s Day delivery on Sunday, May 10.

Photo: Oldvine Florals owner Itika Oldwine

House plants are great gifts for the Mom in your life, and Oldvine Florals is happy to help you perfectly match the plant to the person and the space.

And did you know that studies prove that live plants purify the air, improve sleep, and even lift spirits? Well, they do! And, each elegant and easy-care plant species in the new collection can eliminate benzene, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides from the air in the environment they're placed in. This health-benefit has never been more important now that we are all spending more time than ever inside our homes.

Photo: Peace Lily

The collection offers a wide range of indoor and houseplants. For a traditional decor, and a more low maintenance option, the classic Peace Lily that requires little light and easy care is ideal. While a more modern space may be the perfect home for a tall and regal Fiddle-Leaf Fig Tree.

Photo: Areca Palm

Oldvine Florals offers a wide selection of tasteful ceramic planter-styles to complete the desired look and we will include a handwritten note card with each gifted plant for an especially personal touch. Click here to contact us and place your order for Mother's Day delivery.

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