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Oldvine x myCovidMD

This Spring Shared Harvest Fund, a Los Angeles-based volunteer management platform and non-profit launched myCovidMD® to assist people that are uninsured, underinsured and/or displaced from a medical home due to COVID-19 and city-wide quarantines.

Photo: All visitors at the myCovidMD® drive through testing site received single stem roses from Oldvine Florals

As part of their initiative, myCovidMD® is offering drive through testing at pop-up community locations. Their first screening efforts took place Friday, April 3, 2020 in Culver City, CA in partnership with Blackbird House, a shared workspace for productivity, wellness and community. 

Photo: Volunteers in PPE administer free tests at Blackbird House in Culver City, CA

In exchange for volunteering, community health partners are able to accumulate credits towards their student loans or deposit credits towards an Emergency Savings account. Shared Harvest founder, and Emergency Medicine Physician, Nana Afoh-Manin explains, “Through our student debt relief and emergency savings program, we are investing beyond the immediate crisis to help stimulate the economy and build a robust and culturally inclusive database of civilian skills-based volunteers that can be activated in case of future emergencies.” 

Photo: Oldvine Florals will provide single stem roses for distribution at each testing location

If you want to learn more about the immense public good that myCovidMD® provides to so many in our community and beyond or, become a volunteer yourself and, if you are interested in bringing the beauty of Oldvine Florals to your community click here for more information.

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